StarkPro's Service:
Clients will receive on-site an in-depth easy to ready computerized report of the home, complete with reference
illustrations and actual pictures. StarkPro strives to provide customer satisfaction through high quality service during
and after inspections. We are available to all clients for any follow-up that is required as a result of questions or
concerns from the report. For your convenience, our office hours are 8am - 10pm daily.

Fees can vary for each type of home along with square footage, additional amenities and location outside the City of
Calgary. We are open to conducting inspections throughout Southern and Central Alberta.
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Tools & Equipment:
StarkPro uses the latest quality home inspection equipment including a moisture detector, carbon monoxide
detector, gas sniffer, various electrical circuit testing tools and probing tools. These tools are brought to every home
to ensure that the systems of the property are efficiently checked during the inspection.
All kitchen appliances are examined to ensure that they are in working order at the time of the inspection.

The attic is viewed for condensation, plumbing vents, air flow vents, furnace flue vents,
approximate insulation R-Value and type of insulation used. Vermin activity is also looked
for along with any other structural methods and materials used.

The electrical is viewed from the exterior and at the panel(s) with the panel cover being removed to view the wiring
inside the panel.  The panel is also checked for double taps of a full capacity panel, if the size of the panel is
sufficient and the type of wiring used. Various plugs are tested including all ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCI).  
GFCI’s are recommended in various locations to improve safety concerns.

The ground level of the home exterior is examined for structural issues, potential landscaping problems, downspouts
and where the water discharge will go. Siding, decks, and porches are examined for safety issues and the location of
plugs and intake and exhaust vents are identified. Windows, doors and trims are inspected for correct methods of
installation and signs of maintenance.  If there is any rot or any other issues and improvements that should be made
it will be noted in the report.

The foundation is checked for signs of structural issues, types of cracks (normal or not),
bowing, movement, etc. Checking the status of the foundation could help prevent or
prepare you for issues that may occur down the road.

The interior of the house is inspected for structural movement, settlement, water stain
damage from any possible leaks and if any other maintenance has been done to the
house incorrectly. Standard moisture concern areas are investigated at every inspection with the moisture detector.

Plumbing & Heating:
Plumbing is viewed at supply and waste system locations. Toilets, sinks, showers, tubs, etc are tested for any past,
current or potential leaks with the location(s) of issues identified in the report.  The heating system is examined for
age, type, efficiency and possible areas of improvement. In addition, the furnace is checked for gas leaks or carbon
monoxide issues using specialized equipment.

If conditions are safe, the roof is walked on to ensure the roof condition is inspected as
closely as possible.  By walking on the roof, deficiencies are seen better than they are just
viewed from a ladder. The roof is inspected for issues such as valleys, installation methods,
and a rough estimate of the remaining life. Other details regarding flashing, chimney
conditions, weather tightness and if replacement or repairs are needed they are included in
the report. Things that cannot be seen properly from ground level, such as the exterior of
second floor windows, as well as plumbing and exhaust attic vents, can be viewed in more detail. The exhaust roof
vents will be counted as this should correlate to the components inside the home. This is something that StarkPro
feels is vital and you should ask and confirm that this is done if weather permits (various inspectors do not do this).
Generally over 20 minutes is spent on the roof alone. The roof section of the report is done first without the client
present for insurance reasons.
Components of the House
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