StarkPro's Approach:
No home is perfect, and your involvement in the inspection is important for you and us to gain knowledge and
understanding about the components of the home. Having completed thousands of inspections, we know that few
people are as knowledgeable as they could be. StarkPro strongly encourages and welcomes clients to stay with the
inspector during the entire inspection so you can ask questions and identify concerns. Older children and teenagers
are also allowed to follow the inspection as we feel it is important for them to know where emergency shut-off
valves are located in the furnace room. Location tags for these valves are installed by the inspector and we
recommend that clients review these locations with their families.

StarkPro uses various procedures and teaching techniques to enhance a true educational experience. With only two
inspections being done a day, extra time can be used if needed to fulfill a total understanding on whatever concerns
you would like to discuss. The inspection can vary from 3 to 5 hours and comes complete with a fully computerized
detailed report on-site that includes illustrations and reference pictures. As your report is prepared on-site at the end
of the inspection, you will have time to go back through the home to layout your furniture (measuring tape provided)
and plan for renovations if desired.

Client Participation:
The purchase of a house is a very large investment for your future and the best way to really understand this
purchase is to be with your home inspector during the visual inspection. We very much believe you should be
engaged with the inspection every step on the way - from the exterior of the house to the interior.

When a client attends the inspection, StarkPro can offer various suggestions and possibilities and always welcome
questions that can be discussed throughout the inspection.  The inspector is willing to work with you and you can
choose your level of involvement. We feel that if you participate you will retain the information better. StarkPro is
also willing to share building/ construction information and provide maintenance tips. The inspector enjoys answering
your questions.

About Merv Stark, Your Inspector:
StarkPro Property Inspections Ltd. currently employs one CAHPI certified and registered home inspector. Merv Stark
has been a member of the Canadian Association of Home and Property Inspectors (CAHPI) since 2004. Aside from
being a CAPHI member and having conducted approximately 4,000 property inspections, Merv is a certified cabinet
maker and also a certified carpenter.  To broaden his knowledge and to share his passion of construction with
others, he was also an instructor at SAIT Polytechnic working with students enrolled in “Canadian Housing” and
“Renovation Contracting” classes.

Transferring his skills and interests to the home inspection field now provides him the opportunity to help home
owners learn about one of their most valuable assets. He was raised in the construction industry by a meticulous
father and was a construction supervisor on housing and commercial sites by the late 1970’s. He has dedicated his
life to the construction industry and has learned from past experiences that many other people should be educated
and trained about the components of their home.  This support is given to his clients for as long as they own their
testimonials for client feedback.

About CAHPI:
The Canadian Association of Home and Property Inspectors (CAHPI) is an organization that was set up to improve
the inspection service that is provided and to increase education and service for the client. CAHPI is very highly
recognized as the Canadian Standard and it is strongly recommend that you obtain one of its members for your
home inspection. StarkPro follows CAHPI’s Standards of Practice Guidelines and their Code of Conduct which can be
viewed on their website at

About ASHI:
ASHI is the organization created by a group of visionary home inspectors with the common goal of building
consumer awareness and enhancing the professionalism of their field. The Mission of ASHI is to meet the needs of
its membership and promote excellence and exemplary practice within the profession.
StarkPro also follows ASHI’s Standards of Practice and their Code of Ethics which can be viewed on their website at

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