What Clients are Saying:
“Merv took the time to go back…and spent many hours to outline how the problem
could be corrected.”
“Merv was very thorough and informative and I appreciated the time he spent
educating me on problems.”
“Merv is absolutely amazing… I am sure the extra time he took in educating us isn’t
part of the job description… he really went above and beyond.”
“My son now knows more than I ever knew about things to look for."
“Merv’s communication is excellent.”
“Treated as an equal – Awesome inspection.”
“I was so pleasantly surprised at how important it was to Merv that we be there with him
and he taught me about the runnings of the house…  professional, honest, and reliable.”

What Realtors are saying:
“Merv shows a true concern for my clients.”
“Merv is very thorough and my clients respect his inspection method.”
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