No home is perfect. There is always something that will require
improvement or is not correct. The primary concern for home
inspectors is safety issues and major issues that can really hurt
the wallet. A good home inspector will include most cosmic items
in their reports and educate you about the issues that can be
expected while you own your home.  Moisture detection behind
shower walls can generally be avoided by using a grout sealer to
prevent moisture penetration. This is an example of a
maintenance item that StarkPro recommends at most homes.

The big items that can cost thousands of dollars can include the
roof, the structure, and where short cuts were taken that could
involve major repairs after possession.  Renovation shortcuts and
handyman repairs are items home inspectors find on a daily basis.

A detailed report with photos and illustrations is prepared for you
as more than a guide. It is a way for you to understand the minor
and major issues you may be facing with your purchase. Upon
review of this information, the report is a valuable tool in your
decision making.
Pre-purchase/ Pre-selling inspections to:

Learn about your home
Discover health and safety issues
Identify crucial shut-off valves
Find out about plumbing and furnace
Locate foundation deficiencies
Understand moisture/drainage concerns
These are the systems and components that are visually
inspected during your property inspection:
Central Air Conditioning
Crawlspace/ Basement
Kitchen Appliances
Materials of Construction
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What We Look For

Click here to view some examples of photos that
we have taken from past inspections.  These
photos are added to the inspection report with
additional comments about the picture.